Brighten up your wardrobes, and your spirits!

Iris aims to bring out the power within you. The spirit takes shape of passionate clothing that lives on through individual expression. We explored the idea that apparel should reflect the many sides of a woman. She is never just one thing. The overall result is a juxtaposition of feminine and hard edge artistry.

Our designs incorporate ultra-modern tailoring and sharp silhouettes that inculcate fluid drapes within a structure and experiment with vibrant colors. The designs are both effortless and functional, offering a varied range that is classic, feminine, contemporary and comfortable. All of the brand’s production is in-house, thus enabling it to be customized as per your preferences, and at the same time maintain high quality standards.

The journey of every product is walked through by the brand’s team, curating a story that will stay with you till the end. Our founder, Shweta Mehrotra has always been a fashion enthusiast with a strong eye towards the intricacies of design and styling. With her innate people skills, she endeavors to display to the world what the brand has got to offer.

She’s a NIFT Hyderabad graduate and started her label with some funky bags in 2016 and shifted to apparels in 2018. Her passion takes her to great lengths to ensure that the final product has been put through size and fit, quality and fabric tests to produce ensembles that go with the flow and represent the different identities within you.